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About us

Our goal is simple: Give back to our community and #savethekitties. We wanted to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for our visitors and animals. How? By being passionate about what we do.


We deeply care for our cats and are set on providing them with a comfortable, safe and stress-free environment as they transition from shelter to home life. So whether it’s your first time visiting or your hundredth, come give our kitties some love and spend a few hours with us. We promise you won’t want to leave.

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Meet the Owner

Hi! My name is Vikki and there's nothing I love in the world more than cats, coffee and my mom.  I can’t pinpoint exactly when my cat obsession started; possibly from watching my grandfather feed and care for all of the neighborhood cats as a child or after the first time I rescued a kitten (then hid her in my bedroom from my parents because I couldn't fathom her being outside in the snow).

I made my way into the small business world in 2017 with my first business, Vikki’s Nut House, selling roasted nuts at local fairs, craft shows & festivals. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, my business came to a halt and all our events were cancelled. Although we were able to adapt to the circumstances, I am thankful it gave me the opportunity to slow down and turn my dream of opening a Cat Café in NEPA into a reality. (Side note: Vikki’s Nut House is still alive and well!)

This dream of mine has been years in the making and I'm so happy to bring it to fruition. I am passionate and dedicated to growing in our community and providing a fun, relaxing and stress-free environment for our guests and cats. Thank you for all of the support and I look forward to meeting you!


Vikki & her cat, Frankie

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