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Ways to Donate

We always get asked "How can we help?" so we have a few different options of ways that you can support the cats! Please see below if any option is right for you. Thank you and we appreciate the support! 

Shop our Amazon Wish List

From food to litter, cleaning supplies or toys - we are always needing more supplies to take of the kitties. We appreciate all donations made from our list!

Whisker's World Purse Raffle

Each season, we raffle off a purse for Whisker's World (the rescue we are partered with). Check out the link below to see the current purse! 

Sponsor a cat for the month!

Cat's care can be expensive! Sponsoring a cat for the month offsets the cost of food, litter, cleaning supplies and vet care and allows us to save more kitties!. All sponsors will receive a Sterling sticker (Sterling is our permanent cat resident at the cafe!) as a thank you! Sponsorship is a unique way to "give back". Thank you!!

We always accept tidy cats clumping litter, friskies wet food, purina cat chow complete dry food. We also accept new and unused cat toys, beds or trees. Monetary donations can be made in-store to Whisker's World, inc. 

*Donations made through Amazon are not tax deductible.

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