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Proper CATtiquette

Let's talk Cat Den rules and etiquette. We want to make sure we provide a safe and comforting place for the cats and our guests. Please be aware of the following rules before booking your visit!

Cat Den Rules

Thank you for your cooperation

  1. You may pet the sleepy kitties but please don't wake them to play.

  2. Please do not pick up and carry the cats. If they want to be held, they will jump on your lap (or head, or back.. just go with it!)

  3. Please no running or horseplay. This is a cat playground, not a human playground. 

  4. Use your inside voices at all times. No screaming or yelling. We totally get it - it's exciting but cats thrive in a calm environment!

  5.  Feel free to take pictures but turn off your flash - We would love to see them! Tag us on Facebook & Instagram.

  6. Please do not pull on a cats tail, whiskers or any appendage. They may bite (and we will too!)

  7.  Do not feed the cats human food or drinks no matter how hard they beg - we feed them plenty!

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the cafe at anytime.

Understanding a cat's body language


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