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  • What is a cat cafe?
    Our cat cafe is a place where you can drink coffee, shop local and cuddle with adoptable cats! Explained in further detail: 1. The Cat Den is our room where we are fostering cats from a local rescue. It is set up like a living room, completely CATIFIED and we promise when you go in, you won't want to leave. All of the cats will be available for adoption. We encourage you to play, cuddle & give tons of love to our kitties. Who knows? You just might leave with some adoption papers! There is a $10 cover charge to enter the Cat Den which goes right back to the care of our cats. 2. Coffee & Snacks - We have a full array of coffee, espresso drinks, teas and prepackaged snacks available for purchase. Think cookies, pastries, muffins and more! 3. Gift Shop: We have a mix of local products and products made in the US from cat toys and treats to hot sauce to home goods and everything in between. We wanted to showcase the talented makers in the area and support our local vendor community! Please note: If you just want to visit the coffee bar and gift shop and NOT enter the Cat Den, no reservation is necessary!
  • Can I bring my cat?
    As much as we'd love to meet your furry friends, the only animals that will be allowed on the premises are the cats we have available for adoption. All of our cats are fully vetted, fixed and socialized for this particular environment. We want to make sure our kitties are comfortable and living in a stress-free environment! P.S. Bring in photos or videos though!
  • Are the cats adoptable?
    OF COURSE! Our main focus with opening the cat cafe was to find loving homes for our homeless kitties and get them off the streets. We are proudly sponsored with Whiskers World, a local rescue out of Plains, PA. Adoptions will be done through our partner. Please visit the Adopt page for more information.
  • Can you take in a cat I found and/or a cat that needs to be rehomed?
    We cannot take in any cats. Our cats come directly from Whisker's World. Being in a cage-free environment, all of our cats are fully vetted, fixed and socialized before we receive them. If you have found a stray and need assistance, please reach out to a local rescue or the SPCA for further guidance. If you found an animal in distress and needs emergency care, please take them to Plains Animal Hospital.
  • Do I need to make a reservation?
    We strongly encourage you to make a reservation if you plan on visiting in the Cat Den. We will accept walk-ins based on availability but there is no guarantee we can get you in unless a reservation is made. *Please note we currently allow 12 people in the Cat Den at a time, if you don't book all 12 slots then you will most likely be with other guests. We are also a gift shop and coffee shop, no need to make a reservation if you don't plan on entering the Cat Den. Feel free to stop by and say hi!
  • Why do I have to pay to pet the cats? Does my cover charge help support the cats?
    Every purchase you make directly supports the care of our rescue cats. Like any other business, we have expenses such as rent, utilities, payroll and insurance. The cover charge is the primary source of income that allows us to continue to care for the cats and provide this service to the community and get homeless kitties adopted.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located at 1325 N River Street Plains, PA 18702. GPS may take you across the street to the Sunoco - We are in the Tuft Tex Complex next to Torony's.
  • So you have food and cats.. is that um, safe?
    The cat den and kitchen are completely separate. We worked closely with the Pennsylvania Health Department to ensure we are exceeding guidelines and expectations and hold ourselves to the highest standards for health and safety protocols. We are fully licensed through the state and will only be serving prepacked snacks and goodies and coffee drinks. Remember, you can bring food and drinks into the cat den but please keep the human food to yourselves! (no matter how hard the cats beg)
  • Can I come and shop without booking a Cat Den experience?
    YES! If you are allergic to cats or just more of a dog person, you are still more than welcome to visit. Our cat den is a separate room surrounded by windows so you can just take a peek in if you are curious. Come in, browse our merchandise or grab a coffee and snack. We'd still love to see you!
  • Are there risks of being scratched or bitten by a cat?
    Unfortunately, yes. Sometimes we all get a little bit of a "cattitude" and at the end of the day, cats are still animals with teeth and claws. We work closely with our rescue partner to select cats that are social and happy to be around people but we cannot 100% eliminate that risk. Every person entering the Cat Den is required to sign a waiver and enter at your own risk.
  • Why is it not letting me book?
    If you are having issues with booking, there may not be enough available spots left for that hour. Please try a different hour. If you are still having issues, please send us an email at and we will try to resolve this for you!
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