Find you furever friend

All of our adoptions are done through Whiskers World Inc. Come in and meet our cats and if you are interested in adopting, we will get your started with the process. 

Adoption fee is $75 and goes directly to Whisker's World so they can continue their efforts in saving the kitties. A home check, vet check and reference check is required to make sure our cats are going to a responsible and safe home.

*Note- Application process takes some time and is done by our rescue partner. Cats will not be able to go home with you the same day you meet them.



Sterling is our resident kitty, He runs the joint here and shows the new cats the ropes when they get here! He is super affectionate, loving and wants all of the attention. He is the only cat not available for adoption. He permantely lives at the cafe. Come meet our chonker and give him some love! 



Smokey was rescued from a fire and is one of our most laid back cats! He is so calm and loving and all he wants to do is lay next to you and get pet and loved. He does love to play as well and wouldn't mind another kitty to wrestle and play with! Book an experience to meet him! 



Jenny is a lap cat that loves to be held and cuddled and she purrs so loud. She may do best as the only kitty - we are still working on her manners at the cafe and can get a little hissy with the other cats. She is young - only about 7 months old. If you are interested in adopting, book your experience to meet her! 



James is a super friendly orange tabby! He is a big boy and gets along with the other cats very well! He is affectionate and sweet and is very laid back. You can usually find him snoozing away and taking a dreamy cat nap. He would do best in calmer home where he can relax! 



Huck & Finn are a bonded pair of brothers that must be adopted to the same home. Huck is more outgoing and helps Finn when he is being shy. Huck is a polydactyl meaning he has thumbs! They are also FIV positive, which is nothing to be afraid of! Ask us for more information! They are sweet and affectionate once they warm up and love belly rubs! 



Juju Beans is an 11 month old kitty who LOVES belly rubs and attention. She will constantly nudge you for more pets and loves to be held like a baby. She gets along great with the other cats and is very playful. Her go-to toys are the laser pointer and wand toys! 



Avocado is one of our fiesty (in a fun way!) kitties. She is very playful and often gets the zoomies. She would do best with another playful cat. She has a little sass at times but she will rub all over you for pets and attention. Come meet her! 



Goldie is a senior kitty who is looking for a warm home to live out his golden years in! He is 10 years old but still in amazing shape! He loves to play with wand toys and the laser pointer. He would do better as the only cat but could be in a home with laid-back kitties.  



Buddy is so soft and sweet! He loves digging in the toy box and searching for a toy to play with or curling up right next to you for some pets and attention. He gets along with the other kitties and would do fine in a home with other pets! Schedule your experience to meet him! 



Dylan is our toothless kitty - he was found in very rough shape and had to get all of his teeth removed so he will need to be fed wet food in his furever home! He still eats some dry food as well and loves temptations! He is a lap cat who just wants a warm person to snuggle up with. 



Luna is our most cuddly kitty right now. She is very sweet and likes to be held and snuggled. She is still learning how to get along with the other cats, but know in time she will do great. She is very skinny because she was recently rescued but slowly coming back to a healthy weight! 

New Cats Coming Soon!