Find you furever friend

All of our adoptions are done through Whiskers World Inc. Come in and meet our cats and if you are interested in adopting, we will get your started with the process. 

Adoption fee is $75 and goes directly to Whisker's World so they can continue their efforts in saving the kitties. A home check, vet check and reference check is required to make sure our cats are going to a responsible and safe home.

Please note, Whiskers World does not do pre-approvals. You must meet the cat prior to filling out an application to make sure it is a good fit.



Sterling is our resident kitty, He runs the joint here and shows the new cats the ropes when they get here! He is super affectionate, loving and wants all of the attention. He is the only cat not available for adoption. He permantely lives at the cafe. Come meet our chonker and give him some love! 



Jenny is a lap cat that loves to be held and cuddled and she purrs so loud. She may do best as the only kitty - we are still working on her manners at the cafe and can get a little hissy with the other cats. She is young - only about 7 months old. If you are interested in adopting, book your experience to meet her! 



Avocado is one of our fiesty (in a fun way!) kitties. She is very playful and often gets the zoomies. She would do best with another playful cat. She has a little sass at times but would do best with someone who wants a very playful kitty. Come meet her! 



Lisa is another gorgeous tuxedo who loves people and attention! She doesn't love being picked up but will lay right next to you for pets and cuddles. She is more of a lone wolf but doesn't mind the other kitties around. She likes to lay in the window and watch everything! 



Hazel is a gorgeous medium hair black kitty! She is a little timid and takes her time to warm up to new people but in time, we know she will be an amazing buddy for someone. She is not the biggest fan of other kitties so would do best as long as she has her own space! She is the mom to Harry, Heather and Hannah! 



Dylan is one of our oldest cats currently but is still young at heart! He is only 7 years old but he is toothless so he will need to be kept on a wet food diet. He is a lap cat that is looking for a calm home as the only kitty where he can relax and cuddle with his purrfect match! 



Betsy is such a lovebug! She is so sweet and wants all the belly rubs! She took on a "momma" roll to Hannah and takes care of her like she is her baby. She is the sweetest cat and all she wants is attention and love!  



* BONDED WITH FELIX * Ace has such unique markings and absolutely loves attention! He will roll right over for belly rubs and has such soft and creamy fur! Ace and felix must be adopted to the same home! 



* BONDED WITH ACE * Felix is a such a sweet boy! He is bonded with Ace and they must be adopted to the same home. He is a little bit on the shyer side but he is still new and will take time to adjust to the environment. He loves to lay by you and get pet and attention! 



Logan is a beautiful orange tabby looking for his furever home! He is very affectionate once he gets to know you! He loves to be pet and cuddled and will follow you around the room for more attention. 



Ginny was recently rescued and is loving being in a safe and loving environment. She loves head rubs and will head butt you for more attention. She is such a sweet girl that just wants a safe place to call home! 



Annie is a rare female orange tabby! She is very vocal, loves to talk to us and likes to give kisses. She's very affectionate and will sit on your lap as long as you let her. Come meet her and give her a loving home!  



Archie is a young male that has a ton of energy! He's very lovable, playful and would do best in a more active environment! He gets along great with other cats! He loves to nap in the window when he's feeling sleepy! 



Chelsea is another rare female orange tabby! She is so sweet and cuddly. She is an energetic kitten that would do best with someone who can play with her and then snuggle her afterwards.  



Hanna is a young tuxedo girl looking for her furever home. She is very affectionate. She is a little hissy and growls at the other cats but think in time she can warm up to a furry friend or two. 

107 cats adopted & counting!